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   Nikki Phillips takes a leap into the unknown when she decides to turn her back on love and men, at least for the moment, and begin a new life in England. It works well until she literally runs into a charming, annoying and very irresistible US Marine, Will Chambers and now Nikki is torn. In spite of his haunting demons, Will is geared up for the challenge of gaining the stubborn, hardheaded and utterly gorgeous Nikki's trust and love.

Skirmishes abound, tactical retreats, and unfair advantage taking. These and many more tactics are used in this battle of the sexes where winner takes all.



"I really liked Will's character. He was honest; funny, charming and willing to lay his feelings and heart on the line. They got their happily ever after and we got to see two stubborn people get together, overall a nice read." 

                                     - A Romance Review


"It is a heartwarming story. I enjoyed this story immensely and will probably read it again at some point." 

                                         - Timeless Tales


"Readers will enjoy this story of a sexy yet sensitive man in uniform and the woman that loves him." 

                                        - Love Romances

ALWAYS FAITHFUL is an exciting, romance with intriguing and fascinating characters. The glimpses of military life on base and the hardships of having a serious relationship were very interesting to read about. Watching Will and Nikki go from being friends to lovers is delightful. Will's attraction to Nikki confounds him, yet when he's with her he feels whole. He doesn't want to let her in all the way, because of his nightmares. But Nikki is stubborn and has no intention of letting him shut her out. Their relationship is a rocky road with the occasional pothole along the way. And no one ever said that the pathway to love was a smooth one. The love scenes though explicit, were beautifully written but definitely hot!

The writing team of Alli Nicole, writes a romantica tale that's sure to please. ALWAYS FAITHFUL will tug at your heartstrings, but will also have you fanning it's so hot. With a vivid description of military life, two incredible, enticing characters, ALWAYS FAITHFUL is a must read. 

-Michelle Gann, A Word on Romance  

Boothe O'Brien was a ladies man in every sense of the word. At least until he met Roxanne McNamara, the gorgeous, red-headed cousin of his best friends. Not quite sure who grabbed his heart first, Roxie or her young son, Aaron, Boothe falls head over heels in love for the first time in his life.

.....Now the question is can he handle it?

Nicole has created a richly developed story about a man at a crossroads in
his life an the woman who helps him determine his path.  Be careful you don't
burn you fingers as you turn the pages!

Pamela Cohen
Romantic Times